Taking a Canopy to Outdoor Activities

Summertime parties, picnics, weddings and other outside events are subject to ruin by unexpected rain showers, wind or even intense heat from the sun. You can prevent potential disaster by taking along a canopy to outdoor activities, or having a canopy tent in your own yard for times when you want to entertain guests outside.

A canopy is a portable roof made of canvas, polyethylene, or other materials. This material is waterproofed and often UV treated so it will not rot in prolonged sunlight.

Canopies come in a variety of sizes and are able to accommodate any size group of people. There are nine-foot offset umbrellas that would be appropriate to shelter a table for four, and there are 10 X 20 foot commercial grade canopies that come with extensions that could shelter six or more banquet tables.

Many canopies come with walls that can be attached. This feature could be a lifesaver should the day become windy and you don’t want your table decorations to be blown away. Or, if you are planning an event that will run into the evening, being able to hang walls from the supporting structure will allow your guests to be comfortable even when the outside temperature drops to an uncomfortable level.

Typically canopies are easy to set up are require few tools, perhaps only a hammer. They have four corner poles, and depending on the overall size, side poles, too. These poles are merely set on the ground inside the overhead frame. Then guide wires are attached and directed to stakes that are pounded in the ground giving the whole structure added stability.

Prices for a canopy are varied, but the investment is well worth the cost when you see how your outdoor party can be a success even if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your party plans.

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