Civilian Uses for Tactical Vests

The tactical vest, originally used in the military and for police officers, kept everything they needed within reach. Additional ammo and other supplies packed throughout the pockets on the vest make it easy to carry the items and be prepared for any situation. Many civilians have started to use the vests for many different reasons.

The versatility of the vest and the pocket variations, make it an ideal vest for the use of paintball competitions for players needing supplies and cannot leave the playing field. The vest packed with additional paint-balls, cartridges and other items that the player would need immediately is the ideal way to carry necessities on the field.

The price has come down on the vest over the last few years and the range of people using them has widened into other areas of use such as fishing. Even though fishing vests are available, the versatility of the vest makes it easy to use for holding lures and fishing supplies when walking fishing streams, but can double as a paintball competition vest.

Hunters like to use the vests as well to carry everything from carrying their knife to having additional ammo and snacks, not to mention a pocket full of toilet paper just in case. It keeps everything they personally would want in the vest to allow them to stay outdoors for the entire day. Rain ponchos and emergency supplies packed up within the vest make it safer for the hunter subjected to elements of the weather and the terrain to have items on-hand in case of an emergency. Most of the vests are equipped with an area to carry a water bottle, so for anyone who may not have access to clean water, carrying water is easy to do.

Other then the military, the civilian use for the vest mainly focuses on some type of sporting activity. Whether it is hiking, fishing, biking, paintball competitions, or some other idea, having everything within arms length and all packed within a vest, is the ideal way of carrying all of the necessities.


Tactical Vests for Sale

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Military Tactical Vests

Our military service men and women depend on the protection of tactical vests on a daily basis. The military vests vary in design, color, and weight, as well as by different levels of protection for the upper body. The material and design of a tactical vest protects the torso region of the body. After the head, the chest is the most exposed area of a person’s body. The purpose of a military tactical vest is to protect an individual from unseen objects and ammunition, but still allow the wearer to move about freely and swiftly.

The style of tactical vest used depends on the type of terrain and climate where the vest is used. A forest situation calls for the use of green camouflage, while desert combat needs brown camouflage. Those stationed in a hot, humid climate fare better using a thin, lightweight vest. While protection remains nearly the same as a heavier vest, the lighter one is more appropriate in the hot weather conditions.

Military personnel who serve in colder climates use a heavier, insulated vest. Not only does the vest protect one from flying objects, it keeps a person as warm as possible when exposed to inclement weather. Most vests are waterproof which adds to its defensive protection.

Military vests made of high quality materials, such as nylon, aramid fibers, or ballistic material offers the best safeguard, and allows the least amount of trauma to the upper body if unexpectedly hit by an object. The flexible vests will go underneath or on top of other clothing, although most individuals prefer to wear them on top. Like regular clothing, vests come in different sizes to afford the most comfort and protection, while allowing the wearer to remain mobile.

Nearly all vests contain pockets and pouches to hold indispensable equipment needed on the battlefield. Different manufacturers design tactical vests in different ways, so storage space will vary from vest to vest. Spare magazines, ammunition, radios, flashlights, trauma kits, water bottles, tactical knives, and grenades are some of the items that can be stored in the pouches of a military vest.


Military Tactical Vests for Sale

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S.W.A.T. Tactical Vests

Described as best tactical protection use law enforcement and it military, the swat tactical vests is protects than brave men and women in uniform when facing dangerous situations. Each vest provides perfect fit with the adjustable velcro patches and tie downs. Included are adjustable sides of easy fitting in extra comfort or tighten. A ballistic groin protection added and provides these extra security for cautious minded. It detaches easily, much like the bicep protection sleeve. With both to guard you, you’ll feel that much more protected when in dangerous circumstances.

A typical swat tactical vest usually has a number of pouches available for all kinds of gear, making the one in uniform ready at all times. The vest has plenty of compartments for things like storage of ammunition, small weaponry and even survival gear and first aid. When the swat tactical vest is fully equipped, it can save ones life either in combat or in survival. With it snug fit and gear in place, vest like is protect their uniform who deal with deadly combatants on daily basis.

This well-equipped vest can hold anything for small items to larger ones. The pistol holster securely holds the pistol in place and is usually found on front side of vest. The swat tactical vest can hold flashlights, ammo as well as samurai sword! Imagine that! Are fully equipped vest is wearers best friend when in combat or fighting for survival. Emergency supplies can easily and comfortably stored away for emergency used. Everything one would to survive and fight with can carried on vest making the task simpler and safer. A swat tactical vest should worn the line of duty.

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