Civilian Uses for Tactical Vests

The tactical vest, originally used in the military and for police officers, kept everything they needed within reach. Additional ammo and other supplies packed throughout the pockets on the vest make it easy to carry the items and be prepared for any situation. Many civilians have started to use the vests for many different reasons.

The versatility of the vest and the pocket variations, make it an ideal vest for the use of paintball competitions for players needing supplies and cannot leave the playing field. The vest packed with additional paint-balls, cartridges and other items that the player would need immediately is the ideal way to carry necessities on the field.

The price has come down on the vest over the last few years and the range of people using them has widened into other areas of use such as fishing. Even though fishing vests are available, the versatility of the vest makes it easy to use for holding lures and fishing supplies when walking fishing streams, but can double as a paintball competition vest.

Hunters like to use the vests as well to carry everything from carrying their knife to having additional ammo and snacks, not to mention a pocket full of toilet paper just in case. It keeps everything they personally would want in the vest to allow them to stay outdoors for the entire day. Rain ponchos and emergency supplies packed up within the vest make it safer for the hunter subjected to elements of the weather and the terrain to have items on-hand in case of an emergency. Most of the vests are equipped with an area to carry a water bottle, so for anyone who may not have access to clean water, carrying water is easy to do.

Other then the military, the civilian use for the vest mainly focuses on some type of sporting activity. Whether it is hiking, fishing, biking, paintball competitions, or some other idea, having everything within arms length and all packed within a vest, is the ideal way of carrying all of the necessities.


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