Different Types of Tent Heaters

Tents have required heating for as long as they have existed. Wealthy ancients used braziers to contain coals. In the modern world armies heated wall tents with wood burning stoves, making sure a stove pipe extended well above the ridge line to carry away sparks. Modern campers who use these large tents may still find such units useful, particularly for semi-permanent installations where weight is not an object. Most frequently, though, modern campers use one of three types of more recently developed heaters.

Electric Heaters

For a semi-permanent installation where electricity exists, or for car camping in organized campgrounds it is possible to use the same type of electrical space heater employed in homes. These are singularly inefficient devices and there is considerable danger of kicking them over, but they will keep a tent warm.

Pellet Stoves

During the fuel crisis in the 1970s a new type of heater came to the market. These units used compressed pellets for highly efficient heating. Where the size of the stove is not an object and the pellets are available, these can be a good choice for heating a large, semi-permanent tent.


Gas Fueled Catalytic Heaters

For small tents or for remote areas, the best choice for efficient warmth is the new gas catalytic heater. These units produce such small amounts of exhaust that they are advertised as ventless. Since they produce no actual flame and have a safety cutoff, they are less likely to cause fires. They still need a clear area around them to keep fabric from melting, charring or bursting into flames.

When any sort of heater is used in a confined space like a tent, a CO2 detector is highly recommended. There must also be adequate clearance around the heater. Campers should not use the heaters while sleeping. They work best when used in the evening and morning to warm the tent enough to allow comfortable dressing and undressing.

Camping may be recreational, or it may be part of organized exploration or exploitation of resources. In any case, the use of tent heaters can extend the camping season into late fall or early spring when cold weather would make it uncomfortable otherwise, or in mild areas even through the winter. The use of small catalytic heaters even makes it possible to camp comfortable in back country areas in cold weather. They are truly the modern solution to an age-old problem.

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Taking a Canopy to Outdoor Activities

Summertime parties, picnics, weddings and other outside events are subject to ruin by unexpected rain showers, wind or even intense heat from the sun. You can prevent potential disaster by taking along a canopy to outdoor activities, or having a canopy tent in your own yard for times when you want to entertain guests outside.

A canopy is a portable roof made of canvas, polyethylene, or other materials. This material is waterproofed and often UV treated so it will not rot in prolonged sunlight.

Canopies come in a variety of sizes and are able to accommodate any size group of people. There are nine-foot offset umbrellas that would be appropriate to shelter a table for four, and there are 10 X 20 foot commercial grade canopies that come with extensions that could shelter six or more banquet tables.

Many canopies come with walls that can be attached. This feature could be a lifesaver should the day become windy and you don’t want your table decorations to be blown away. Or, if you are planning an event that will run into the evening, being able to hang walls from the supporting structure will allow your guests to be comfortable even when the outside temperature drops to an uncomfortable level.

Typically canopies are easy to set up are require few tools, perhaps only a hammer. They have four corner poles, and depending on the overall size, side poles, too. These poles are merely set on the ground inside the overhead frame. Then guide wires are attached and directed to stakes that are pounded in the ground giving the whole structure added stability.

Prices for a canopy are varied, but the investment is well worth the cost when you see how your outdoor party can be a success even if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your party plans.

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The Cost of Renting a Tent

Events can be costly when renting a hall or a club. The costs include renting the hall, paying the catering and sometimes even a bartender. For your next function consider renting a tent instead.

There are various events one can rent a tent for; a wedding, a corporate function, birthday party and much more. Renting a tent is also available for graduation parties and commencements by schools. Tents come in all different sizes and styles from small Canopies to large Frame Tents that can seat hundreds of people. The type of event you are planning on hosting will determine the type of tent you need to rent. A graduation or birthday party could possibly get away with a smaller tent like a few Canopies.

A wedding on the other hand with a decent size guest list Victorian Tent with even a Marquee to connect the tents and add to the extravagance of the occasion. A university hosting a Commencement address is going to need a tent of significant size a large frame tent that will keep the guest covered in all weather conditions.

When renting a tent your options are important to keep in mind. There are more than just Canopies, Victorian and large frame tents available. Some other tents include the classic Party Tent very similar to a Canopies but bigger and usually provide better covering on the side. For a more sturdy structure consider Clearspan Structures, an extra widen and incredibly sturdy version of the large frame tent. Clearspan Structures like the name suggests are more permanent structures than tents.

Now the most important factor in the decision over tent rentals, it comes down to cost. Just as different size tents will have different prices, different companies will have different rates. In general the larger the tent or the more features it has, the more expensive it will be to rent. Prices can range significantly from only 200 to a large sum of five grand. A 20 foot square tent can usually hold about forty people and will cost you around 300. A tent for about 180 guests will get you up to 900 dollars. Expending a crowd over 500 and you are looking at the 5,000 and up price range.

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Canopy Tent Buyers Guide

Canopy tents are large fabric tents that can be used to block away the sun or to enclose certain events, objects or people. The come in a range of different sizes, styles and colors. There are a number of different types of tents that range from your basic play tent for children to your more industrial tent used for large events.

Which type of canopy tent is right for you?

There are a number of different times that canopy tents may come in handy. One place that you see a lot of these tents is at weddings. Many couple want the outside feel of nature without having to e completely exposes to the elements. This is where the tent comes into play. It creates a bit of protection for the bride, groom and all of their guests.

Another place you may find a canopy tent is at a flea market. Vendors use them on a regular basis to set up shop for the day. Some use them to protect their merchandise and entice customers into the shade, while other just like the feel of being protected by the tent.

A lot of school and daycare facilities set canopy tents up for when the children are going to be outside for long periods of time and need protection from the sun. It provides a great place for teachers to store drinks and snacks, as well as a place to beat the heat for a minute or two.

Setting up a canopy tent by yourself can be quite tricky if you have a large one. For the most part, you’ll want to make sure you have someone on hand to help you get everything set up evenly and properly so as to avoid any unnecessary slips or mess ups.

There are also a number of different tents available for consumers right now. You can get a basic pop up tent that is a breeze to set up, or maybe a heavy duty tent that is build to withstand the elements of nature. They also offer portable tents that are great to take to the football field or camping to provide a little protection.


Canopy Tents for Sale

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Easy Camping with Popup Tents

Popup tents are one of the most convenient tents that a camper can own. It is often difficult to put up a traditional tent, especially when you have been hiking for quite awhile to your camping destination. A popup tent can have you resting in your shelter in no time!

Popup tents are made of the same materials that traditional tents are. The difference comes in the way that they function. A popup tent has a thin, flexible metal wire that runs along the seams of the tent. This wire folds easily, so when you purchase the tent, it will be folded neatly and compactly. These tents often come in carrying cases that make them even more convenient.

When you are ready to setup your tent, all you will need to do is to release the wiring and it will begin to unfold on it’s own. Once part of the tent is unfolded, the popup tent seems to take on a life of it’s own, and set itself up. There is very little, if any, work involved. The tent will unfold and then all you need to do is put it in the correct position and anchor it to the ground.

A popup tent is a lifesaver for those who find traditional tents confusing and frustrating. There are many varieties of popup tents available on the market. There are dome tents and pinnacle tents. These tents usually sleep from one to four adults, or a family. They come in different sizes, but for the most part are not as large as traditional tents, because of the need for them to be lightweight.

Every camper should own one of these popup tents. They are extremely flexible and convenient, and save so much precious time when you are exhausted from hiking, and need a place to rest quickly. The setup time is minimal, yet the quality is high! These tents are made from very sturdy materials. The tent’s convenience is so important when deciding on a tent that will work for you!


Popup Tents for Sale

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Renting a Party Tent

If you are planning at party in your backyard, you may wonder if you should rent some sort of tent to protect your guests from things like the hot sun or rain. Renting a festive tent, also known as a a party tent, is a great addition to any outdoor party you may be planning.

Renting a separate hall may cost too much when you are planning an event such as a wedding. But if your backyard is large enough, renting a festive tent is a less costly alternative to a reception hall. This only works if you have a yard that is big enough though. If you put up a tent that takes up the whole yard, it may inconvenience your guests as they try to navigate around the tent poles along with around the other guests.

Once you determine if the space you are looking at is large enough for a festive tent, you will need to find one to rent. Most rental companies have festive tents that you can rent for your event. If you find that you are using festive tents more than once in a while, you could also look into buying one for your personal use. For most people, a one time rental is what they are looking for in regards to festive tents.

If you do rent your tent from a rental agency, usually they will have people who can set it up for you. It’s best to arrange to have the festive tent to put up several hours before your event is due to start. The earlier you can get that tent set up, you will be able to set up tables and chairs inside the tent and add any decorations you wish.

Having an outdoor event can be risky in terms of the weather, but if you rent a festive tent you won’t have to worry about rain or the hot sun beating down on your guests. Festive tents can be affordable to rent and can be set up in your own back yard.


Rent a Party Tent


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Different Types of Pop Up Tents

There’s no better way to spend quality time with family, than to go on a memorable camping trip. If you love being outdoors, you will definitely want to find the tent that is right for you and of course one that will be comfortable.

Traditional tents can be such a hassle because you have to use tools to assemble the tents and that’s why now days people are using tents that are easy to put together. One type of camping tent is the pop up tent which is less of a hassle and very easy to put together making your camping trip more enjoyable. When you decide to buy a pop up camping tent, you will be amazed at how quick it is to put together. There’s no hammer and nails needed and in less than a few minutes your tent is all ready to relax in.

There are many reasons to buy a pop up tent because you can choose the type you want to use. For instance you might like the umbrella tent which will remind you of carrying a regular umbrella, they are very small in length and pops up like a umbrella. When you buy this it’s always a good idea to use stakes to keep the wind from blowing your tent down.

Another type of popup tent that people commonly use is a coiled pop up tent which is made up of springs and hinges throughout the tent. These springs assist the camping tent so that it pops up quickly and expands without any hesitation.

Both of these types of tents makes life easier because they helps you save space, time, and money. If you’ve never been camping before this type of tent is usually good to work with because you don’t have to struggle to figure out hard directions, like you would with the traditional campers. Using a pop up camping tent is also a good choice especially if you plan on going hiking, you won’t have to worry about weighing yourself down because theses camping tents are quite durable and will fit easily into your bag. So, camping is definitely a way to enjoy a wonderful family vacation.


Pop Up Tents for Sale

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Mr. Heater: Propane Tent Heaters

Camping is one of the most exciting activities that you can do alone or with your family. It gives you the opportunity to do some family bonding, while appreciating the great outdoors. However, sometimes the weather can do a little shift on you. It may go from warm to cool, especially at night. You can be prepared for this by investing in a camping tent heater.

Getting into your sleeping bag and getting out of it on a cool night or morning is much easier to do, when it’s warm inside. Investing in a camping heater does not have to be expensive, as long as you do some shopping around before buying one. If you’re looking for a heater that is affordable, one of the best ones to start with should be the Mr. Heater single tank top propane heater.

Mr. Heater Single Tank Top Propane Heater

It is a decent size and safe to use. The heater automatically shuts off when flame is lost. It has an adjustable control for the heat, meaning you can set it to low, medium, and high. It mounts to a propane cylinder, and it can heat up to thirty hours on a 20lb cylinder.

It’s a quality brand heater, and the company is so sure about this heater that they are offering a satisfaction guarantee.

Mr. Heater Little Buddy Portable

Another portable heater to have for camping is the Mr Heater Little Buddy portable LP gas heater. It’s quiet, lightweight and safe to use indoors or outdoors. It automatically shuts off when heater is tipped over or has low oxygen. It’s absolutely odorless, and can be free standing or wall mounted. It’s easy to carry and store, and uses a lb or 20lb propane cylinder. It also heats up at least 200 square feet.

Going camping should be a fun time for you and your family, and you should always be prepared. Being prepared allow you to prevent the little things from being in the way, such as the weather. Both of the heaters are perfect for camping and one can be for low budget individuals while the other costs a little more.


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Camping on the Beach

Camping on the beach can be a lot of fun for a group of people or a very romantic experience for any couple. The sound of the waves rolling onto the shore all night long is very soothing and peaceful. Many people enjoy laying on their backs and gazing at the sky full of stars. However, when it is time to call it a night, it is nice to be able to retreat into a beach tent.

As the sun sets, the beach can get rather chilly. A beach tent will provide shelter from the wind. Simply close the door and windows with a pull of the zipper. On warmer nights, unzip the screens so the breeze can penetrate, as well as provide air flow. Another benefit of a beach tent is that is has a floor, which is a nice surface for spreading out a sleeping bag or blankets. There is no need to worry about sand insects crawling onto you during the middle of the night. If a light rain or heavy downpour occurs while you are sleeping, you and your belongs will stay dry. It also serves as a place to keep food and beverages.

Since the beach is a public place, anyone can walk up and down the shoreline, including thieves and criminals. Typically, they are looking for an easy target or belongings that are just spread out in the open. When you are asleep, you may not hear them. The beach tent solves this problem by concealing valuables inside the shelter.

Camping on the beach is a cost-saving solution for many vacationers. Beachfront hotels and motels can be very expensive, while camping is often more cost-efficient. There are many campgrounds along the coastline and each one offers a different level of amenities such as a swimming pool, convenience store, bathroom facilities and bike trails. People who enjoy camping will find that a beach tent is an invaluable asset. Beach tents are available in many dimensions, colors, styles and price points, so there is a perfect beach tent for every group size and budget.

Beach Tents for Sale

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A Day at the Beach With Your Own Beach Tent

Sitting or camping at the beach is one of the most relaxing moments in the world. It can be a romantic way to spend a night with your lover, or can be the perfect spot for you and your friends to have a picnic. There are some people who like to visit the beach and just lie there, watching the water and enjoying the weather. For whatever reason you like to visit the beach, a beach tent can make the occasion more pleasant.

A beach tent is basically designed to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, while still allowing you and your friends to enjoy the humid weather. It is even more necessary when you plan on sitting on the beach for a long time. However, when buying the tent that is perfect for you and your needs, you must consider durability. You want a tent that you can travel with and expect it to stay in great shape. If you can’t reuse it over and over again, then what is the purpose of having one to begin with.

If you’re looking for a beach tent for your children, “Under the Sea” beach cabana is perfect for about 2-3 children to play in. You can use it many other places besides the beach, and it’s UV treated. It comes with corner sandbags to keep it from blowing away on windy days, and it has mesh panels for excellent ventilation. Not only is it durable, but it is easy to wash. This is an important factor considering children tend to get messy sometimes.

If you’re looking for a beach tent big enough for you and others, then consider the “Sun Smarties” family beach tent. It is big enough for about 4 people to fit in or under. It is UV treated and has roll down shades for complete privacy, as well as zippers. It has an extended canopy, and no poles are needed to assemble it. It is also easy to clean and has storage pockets on it to hold any supplies you may have.

Beach Tents for Sale

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