The Cost of Renting a Tent

Events can be costly when renting a hall or a club. The costs include renting the hall, paying the catering and sometimes even a bartender. For your next function consider renting a tent instead.

There are various events one can rent a tent for; a wedding, a corporate function, birthday party and much more. Renting a tent is also available for graduation parties and commencements by schools. Tents come in all different sizes and styles from small Canopies to large Frame Tents that can seat hundreds of people. The type of event you are planning on hosting will determine the type of tent you need to rent. A graduation or birthday party could possibly get away with a smaller tent like a few Canopies.

A wedding on the other hand with a decent size guest list Victorian Tent with even a Marquee to connect the tents and add to the extravagance of the occasion. A university hosting a Commencement address is going to need a tent of significant size a large frame tent that will keep the guest covered in all weather conditions.

When renting a tent your options are important to keep in mind. There are more than just Canopies, Victorian and large frame tents available. Some other tents include the classic Party Tent very similar to a Canopies but bigger and usually provide better covering on the side. For a more sturdy structure consider Clearspan Structures, an extra widen and incredibly sturdy version of the large frame tent. Clearspan Structures like the name suggests are more permanent structures than tents.

Now the most important factor in the decision over tent rentals, it comes down to cost. Just as different size tents will have different prices, different companies will have different rates. In general the larger the tent or the more features it has, the more expensive it will be to rent. Prices can range significantly from only 200 to a large sum of five grand. A 20 foot square tent can usually hold about forty people and will cost you around 300. A tent for about 180 guests will get you up to 900 dollars. Expending a crowd over 500 and you are looking at the 5,000 and up price range.

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