The Old Reliable ALICE Backpack

One of the first modern, modern day military backpacks was developed in 1973. It was called the ALICE backpack, standing for All-purpose lightweight carrying equipment.  ALICE was developed for United States troops in Vietnam. The backpack was used from the 1970’s to the 1990’s until it was replaced by a newer model. The replacement bag called the MOLLE was then used more often than the ALICE military backpack, although some soldiers still preferred the older, reliable ALICE bag.

The ALICE backpack’s main purpose was to help our soldiers to carry less weight. Older backpacks that were used in WWI and WW2 were very heavy and the older materials retained water. They were terribly hard to carry when they got wet. Furthermore, they were made of steel which at times made them unbearable to carry. The ALICE backpack only weighed a light 3 pounds, and the material was also lightweight cotton. As an added bonus, the ALICE military backpacks were water resistant.

The ALICE bags were designed to be more convenient as well for the soldiers. At the hard times of war, it was very important to keep our soldiers as comfortable as possible. There was a wide mid section strap, and the shoulder straps were also wider than the older bags. This allowed the Vietnam soldiers to be able to patrol and march much more easily. For the convenience of the soldier, the bags came in 3 different sizes to fit everyone’s different needs. This allowed the soldiers to carry their ammunition, firearms, first aid kit, and a clothing change. This was the new perfect product to make the lives of our soldiers better.

The ALICE bag was enjoyed by all types of people. Soon it became the new trend for people who liked to hike, camp, or climb. If you were an adventurous person, the ALICE backpack was perfect for you. Even today, you can find these bags at many army surplus outlets. They are reasonably priced and still enjoyed today. Although there are many different bags you can purchase today comparable to the ALICE , some still prefer the old reliable ALICE Military backpack.

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