Canvas Duffle Bags Are Great for Civilian Use Too

Canvas Duffle Bags are an Excellent Form of Canvas Luggage, for Contemporary Civilians too.

Of the many Bags & Backpacks available, the Canvas Duffle Bag is one of the most versatile types of canvas luggage around. They are made to last a long time, and have a high capacity. Canvas duffle bags have been standard military issue since World War II, and most members of the armed forces are permitted to take them home upon discharge.

Before that Barracks Bags were used by soldiers to carry their belongings around. These bags were made of a cotton canvas fabric, and had a drawstring to close the top. Most people today would look at a barracks bag, and think it was a just a laundry sack, this is what they are mainly used for, since the introduction of duffel bags.

Canvas duffle bags were a great refinement when introduced in 1943. They took on a more manageable tube shape, and the drawstring was replaced with a more reliable system. A series of flaps with metal grommets is pulled over a metal loop, and secured with a metal snap link, attached to a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is the most obvious improvement, and makes packing heavy loads much easier. A carrying handle is also a common addition, making it possible to carry the bag like a suitcase. And some duffel bags have a double harness making it a rather large back pack. And a more rugged cotton canvas fabric is also used.

The versatility, and high capacity of canvas duffle bags, has lead many manufactures to produce commercial copies. They have dressed up the standard olive-drab of the military, with brass hardware and leather trim, making them more appealing to contemporary civilians. And there are chemical treatments, such as the waxed canvas duffel, that make them lighter, more resistance to moisture, stains, and discoloration from sun light. In some cases the cotton canvas is being replaced with more advanced fabrics available with modern technology, like nylon. But, canvas duffel bags are still less expensive, and can be found in larger sizes. And still offer the same variety of colors and options.

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