What Are Canvas Wall Tents?

Canvas wall tents look like a cabin in the woods, with four vertical walls and a pitched roof. The design makes them large enough to walk around inside, as well as wide enough to hold several people and their supplies and equipment. They are used by hunters, fishermen and campers alike and are especially nice for extended trips.

The canvas is typically treated to resist mildew, repel water and retard flames. Many models can even accommodate an interior heat source like a stove jack, so they can be used year-round, in all weather conditions including rain, sleet and snow. Canvas also has the ability to breathe naturally, which makes the interior environment more comfortable. It is also very strong, especially duck canvas. The tight weave acts to keep moisture out and retains heat better than other tent materials.

The full-size canvas floor provides a dry, clean surface on which to place a sleeping bag. Screens on the door and windows can be opened in nicer weather to provide cross-ventilation. Because of the tall walls, campers can easily change clothes inside the canvas tent. Another nice feature on a canvas wall tent is an awning and a porch, so campers can sit outside and remain safe from the elements. Setting up any canvas wall tent includes the use of ridge pole sleeves, ropes with tension that can be adjusted and steel or aluminum stakes.

Wall tents come in a wide variety of sizes. However, it is smart to select a larger tent than you think you need. This way, you will have enough room for people and gear, without being crowded.

When shopping for a canvas wall tent, keep in mind that they come in both three-season models, which are good for spring, summer and fall, and four-season models, which are necessary for the snowiest and most rugged conditions. Finally, many companies offer a variety of color choices that will blend well with the environment such as white, tan, brown, green or camouflage. A well-crafted, high-quality canvas wall tent is a sensible investment that will last for many, many years.


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