What are Bulletproof Vests?

Bulletproof tactical vests, or “bullet-proof” vests are used across millitary and police patrols as well as by civilians, as a life-saving device. Bulletproof vests are used for body armor. This particular type of armor is designed to absorb the impact when released from projectiles such as fire-arms and/or expolsives, explosive debree, or from lacinating injuries.

What are they Made From?

Bulletproof vests are made from tightly woven fibers that are intricately layered (soft vests) to serve the purpose of protecting the human body from serious injury, that could otherwise lead to death. These woven vest can be inhanced for protection by including metal or ceramic plates, commonly refered to as “hard plate reinforced vest”, which are more commonly worn by soldiers, police tactical units, and hostage rescue teams. Metallic components, which are tightly woven and layered into soft vests are also employed to provide resistance from sharp stabbing weapons, such as knives.

How They’ve Evolved and Improved

The US implemented tactical bulletproof vests for soldiers in WWII, but they were not successful. This the heavy and restrictive moblity, in addition to the already required equipment to be worn. Instead focus was diverted from these vests to the creation of flap jackets. However flap jackets were limitted to shrapnal rather than bullet proofing.

The Korean War new, more advanced bulletproof vests were introduced for US millitary. These vests were designed to be lighter than previously failed armor in WWII. They consisted of plastic or aluminium bits weaved into a nylon vest. This had also proven failure, due to the ineffectiveness of plastic and aluminium successfully resisting bullet fragments, and other shrapnel.

With the introduction of several new methods of construction paired with other fibers, proved successful at being more resistant, thinner, andlight-weight , made tactical vest a success for infantrymen. Although, accommodating to the needs of soldiers, these materials were a bit pricey.

Civilian Uses for Bulletproof Vests

Although tactical vests are intended for those in the line of fire, civilians may find the life saving body armor useful. Body-guards, security personel, hunters, etc. wear the soft tactical vests for protection, in these fields they prove to be highly effective when faced in projectile type conflict. Many hunters may find tactical vest useful, preventing accidents (such as Former Vice President Dick Chaney’s incident) or in aid from an animal attack. Furthermore, in the cases of civilian welfare, tactical vests have proven effective in saving lives, espcially when one is thrown into the “cross-fire”, for example, robberies and car jacking.

Throughout time, tactical vests have become a necessary precautionary device in saving lives.

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